Comprehensive Clinical Trial ServicesRanging from study startup through FDA submission

Study start up

Ongoing study management

Multi-vendor management (central lab, drug supply, IRB)

Site monitoring (site selection, initiation, interim, close-out)

Study rescue/cleanup

Site and monitor training & auditing

Data management*

Statistics and medical writing*

FDA submissions*

*Partner Company

Customized Services

Only need to outsource a portion of your study? Our “a la carte” approach to trial management allows you to choose the services you need for your study at any level—from overall project management to site management or monitoring only. We offer you this flexibility while always ensuring the highest quality management services.

Monitoring Only

We will form a team of monitors and manage them at a much lower cost than most staffing agencies or large CROs.

Study Management Only

We will assign an experienced Study Manager to manage your study and vendors including a large CRO.

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